3 Incredible Automated Items That You Can Put In Your Home Right Now

February 25, 2021 - 5 minutes read

It might be nothing new these days, but automation is still pretty incredible. Otherwise inanimate objects moving on their own, saving us the trouble of moving them ourselves and giving us a convenience that would’ve been unheard of just a few decades prior? There’s no denying that this isn’t in some way phenomenal. 

When you install something automated in your home, it can give your entire house a classy feeling – almost as though that one simple, automated item has somehow transformed your home into a luxury suite. There’s no better feeling in the world than picking up a remote control , pointing it at an innocuously inanimate object, clicking a button, and then watching it come to life. In some shape or form, an automated item can feel like a little pet all on it’s own! 

So for those of you who are fans of automation, here are 3 incredible automated items that you can buy and put in your home right now! 

1. Roomba 

The Roomba is perhaps one of the most popular and well-loved automated items in the world. A small little moving disc that whirls around your house to clean the room floors, this tiny little thing can not only move around your house but also emit lights and high-pitched chirps – almost as though it were conversing in a language of it’s own. 

With it’s tiny frame and cute vocalisations, many people have taken to the thought of ‘adopting’ their roombas like a little electronic pet – a thing that humans can bond with and love, regardless whether it’s technically ‘alive’ or not! 

2. Adjustable Bed 

Now this is the height of luxury! 

Adjustable beds are practically what they say on the tin – adjustable. Meaning, these beds are outfitted with internal frames and wiring that, with a push of a button, can move the mattress according to your specifications. For example, if you want to sit up in bed, but the flat surface doesn’t allow you to comfortably do that? With just a button, you can have one half of your mattress automatically curl up, to adjust to your body as you sit upright and do your work. And with another push, the mattress can easily settle back down again for you to lie down and sleep – it’s really up to you! 

3. Operable Partition 

You know those cool folding walls that you can push aside and reveal a new room. Well – what if that was automated too? 

Operable partitions are basically that – foldable walls, but this time, they can fold on their own. Comprising a series of interlocked panels that can split open to admit someone, or curl into folded layers to allow entrance into a room, it’s quite cool to see them in action – just seeing a bunch of panels move on their own, rippling in formation to let someone in like a scene from a distant sci-fi movie. 

Interested buyers can get the best operable partition in KL, or Selangor, or really anywhere in Malaysia – and once you’ve installed one in your home? It can make you feel as though you’re some sort of classy rich socialite, or a character in some high-tech sci-fi film – just clicking a button and seeing the panels part to reveal a room! 

The world of automation is a pretty cool one indeed. And with all these fancy automated gizmos and gadgets that you can buy for yourself, this day and age? You can make your home one of the coolest, sci-fi-esque homes out there with these 3 automated items!

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