3 Of The Most Haunting Things Found Underwater

March 5, 2021 - 5 minutes read

The seabed is a strange and unfathomable unknown. Under the churning and rippling waves, beneath your marine supply chain solutions in Malaysia like Altus Malaysia and your certified supply chain service in Malaysia, there are things that dwell strangely within the waters – lost to the abyss seemingly never to be seen again. But sometimes, through the strangest stroke of luck, buried things can be found again – and they can be the most haunting things you’ll ever see. 

There are all sorts of things to be found within our oceans. Whole cities lost to the deluge, statues and ships of unknowable origins, things dropped into the water with no hope of salvage. They wait, undisturbed, beneath the tide; sitting idly among the coral and the fishes and longing for the day they are finally found again. And within the deep blue wells of the sea, finding abandoned wrecks and strange statues can be an incredibly haunting experience – one that fills you with a wonder you cannot quite describe. 

So for those who are curious, here are 3 of the most haunting things ever found underwater. 

1. The Wreck Of The Titanic 

The RMS Titanic is perhaps one of the most well-known ships to ever be recorded in history. Everyone knows of this historic vessel – the story of how it was extolled as ‘unsinkable’, yet lost to the watery abyss after striking an iceberg. Of how thousands of people died at sea that day, and how the ship went down in history as one of the worst and most tragic maritime disasters that ever befell mankind.

After the Titanic first sank in 1918, the ship was buried in a watery grave – seemingly never to be found again. But in 1985, almost 70 years after it first sank, the wreck of this famous ship was inexpicably found by Jean-Louis Michel during a French-American expedition. It sits deep within the waters of Newfoundland, coated in rust and barnacles, it’s interior choked with water and the streams of fishes that pass it by everyday. As of now, it sits a haunting wreck of the ship it once was – forever lost to the depths with no hope of recovery. 

2. Underwater City Of Shi Cheng 

The ancient underwater city of Shi Cheng has commonly been hailed as the ‘Atlantis’ of China. Submerged under the Qiandao lake, this city sounds as haunting and beautiful as you may expect – an entire ancient city buried in water, with towering structures, intricately carved sculptures, and a silent crowd of statues standing vigil on the seabed. Stairs wind deep into the unknown, and sunshine streams softly through the water, limning the buildings in light. 

Even now, Shi Cheng sits as an incredible tourist attraction and site of interest – and everyone who sees this strange city will be struck with a sense of awe; staring at this barnacle-encrusted city and the endless blue churning in the gaps. 

3. Ghost Fleet Of Truk Lagoon 

Truk Lagoon is one of the most popular diving places in the world. Schools of fishes swim through the current, and watery alcoves attract divers to swim through the nooks. But the natural beauty of Truk Lagoon isn’t the only thing that draws divers to this place – but also the dozens of World War II wrecks strewn over the seabed. 

The wrecks, now referred to as the Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon, is a haunting and terrifying ode to the war of past years. Wrecks of airplanes and tanks sit below the ocean, encrusted with barnacles, and sometimes unlucky divers can even stumble upon the bones of human remains. Fishes swim amidst the wrecks, heedless to their destruction – but the haunting visuals and implications of these terrifying ruins will never be lost on the divers that swim through it. Even now, the Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon will forever remain one of the most haunting things ever found underwater. 

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