Best Anime Merchandise Locations In Malaysia

April 27, 2021 - 4 minutes read

Best Anime Merchandise shops in Kuala Lumpur

Buying anything ordinary and buying anything extraordinary has never been problematic in Malaysia. Malaysia has everything in the cities and in the towns as well. But if you are living in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for good shopping then you should not be worried at all. Because this city, being the capital of the country is the heart of the country. And this heart has everything which is required to its public. So if you want to buy anime merchandise from Malaysia then the following places and shops would be very convenient for you for shopping.


Malaysia has wonderful attractive stores in attractive locations where you can buy excellent anime merchandise and figures. If you are looking for an anime figure in Malaysia, AF-Hobby is your stop. With a physical store located in Ampang, Selangor, AF-Hobby offers a vast buffet of anime for all merchandise-seeking fans, with shelves overflowing with figurine boxes and walls covered with posters of future products. Their impressive collection of figurines ranges from complex Gundams to detailed scale figures and adorable and wacky Nendoroids, making it nearly impossible not to find your favorite anime characters somehow among the products.

The Online shopping facility in Malaysia

What if you’re not sure about going out during these tough times? Don’t worry: AF-Hobby also has its own website so you can order products online; with an optimized screen that classifies all available products in tabs sorted at the top of the web page.


Anyone here looking for anime card games? If so, littleAKIBA has you covered, galore. With a huge selection of card-related products ranging from full TCG card decks to specific individual cards and even anime-themed containers and cases, littleAKIBA is a perfect merchandise shop for anime figurine enthusiasts. Their website is packed with a variety of different card games to read and order; with offers up to 50% discount on various products available in the tab at the top left.

Oh! Gatcha

Oh Gatcha is an excellent anime merchandise shop in Malaysia.  This store is located on the second floor of IOI Mall in Puchong, Oh! Gatcha is a small structure that is easily identified by its bright yellow display case and, of course, the surprising preponderance of anime figures who peeked from their entrance screen.

As a person who has personally visited the store a few times, I can confidently say that Oh! Gatcha is a relatively small paradise, but no less impressive for anime fans. Within its distinctive yellow walls are all kinds of merchandise from a wide variety of franchises; from figures of fate to Demon Slayer Nendoroids and adorable stuffed animals in Malaysia. Best anime merchandise Malaysia is vending anime products at affordable prices. These stores have a very big variety of anime merchandise. If you want to visit the best anime merchandise in the world, then come to Malaysia and if you want to visit the best anime store in Malaysia then come to Kuala Lumpur which has wonderful anime stores.

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