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June 22, 2021 - 2 minutes read

To explain the inconvenience that high latency can cause during interactive use, we will take the example of an online video game. It is also worth mentioning that the leading unifi internet package is the best solution for you here.

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Let’s say that the latency is in this case 200 ms, any action you perform in this game will be transmitted to the servers, once taken into account, the server will recalculate the display that will have been impacted by your action and send the new data back to your computer. So, with a latency of 200 ms:

  • 0 ms: you do the action on your computer
  • 200 ms: the server receives the action you have taken, and resends the new data
  • 400 ms: The action you did 400 ms earlier is finally done on your screen (but unfortunately you are already dead, or you have lost)

Thanks to this example, we can clearly see that latency is something very important to take full advantage of the Internet in interactive use. Let’s see another term related to your latency: Ping.

The ping which is often displayed during connection tests, or even in certain video games, is not equal to the latency, contrary to popular belief. The ping corresponds to a round trip of the data while the latency to a one way. If we go back to our example, our latency is 200 ms, and our ping is 400 ms.


If we want to simplify this notion, which is more complex than the previous ones, we could say that jitter corresponds to the variation in latency.

This is somehow the stability of your latency, the more the jitter is low, the more latency is steady. High jitter can quickly become a problem, as the data packets will all arrive suddenly at times, and the next moment no more packets will arrive.

A bit

The bit is the contraction of Binary Digit, it is a basic element in computer science. A bit is a binary number, ie 1 or 0; which can be translated as true/false, yes/no etc. It is the basic unit of measurement in computer science, your computer works thanks to this system.