How to Protect Yourself from Gambling Addiction

February 26, 2020 - 10 minutes read

In this globe, there are so many things that can indeed make us enjoyed but are actually not good. Well, we can’t say that if we do this, we affect other people directly, but indirectly, we do like for example, gambling. Yes, you must be nodding your head as in almost every family, there is one that is considered a gambler. 

Gambling is a very common entertainment. Some in small scale while there are those that will really check the casinos which is the ultimate place for gambling. Are you one of them? Do you also check casinos from time to time? If you are married, it must piss off your spouse as you are not just risking your hard-earned money, you are also worrying them!

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Well, let us just take it that you have the means and money is not really a problem. But then again, I am pretty sure it is not just handed to you in a silver platter and it is not as if your money will not run out, thus in the end, it will still matter, not to mention the waiting wife who must be stressed every night, thinking if you are safe or not. 

For those who can’t stop betting in casinos, there is an option for you and that is the online casino Singapore platform. That is right and in fact, you will find a number of sites offering casino games these days in which just like in conventional casinos, you can also win and lose real money. 

But as mentioned above, gambling is not a good thing. Just like smoking is not a good thing also, sad to say that these habits are not easy to break. So, how can you protect yourself from gambling addiction? These tips might work:

  1. Admit and understand that you have a gambling problem. If you notice some of the common signs like you are always thinking about gambling, you start lying to your friends about it, you want to get even with the winning person and so on, you have to accept you are in this dilemmas because you have a gambling problem as that is only the time when you can start looking or accepting solutions. 
  2. It might help you if you will contact and join a support group. You see, doing this alone might be futile. Yes, you can stop yourself for a day or two, but because you are alone, you will be easily swayed to sit on the table again. A support group is a clique of people who have the same problems as you. You can share your negative experiences because of the problem with them and at the same time, hear some success stories as solutions. Yes, this lacks professional interventions, but then again, this is just a start. If later on, you need professional help, then it will be up to you. 
  3. Try to stay away from temptations. For sure you are already aware that gambling will not bring about positive results, even at times that you are winning. And since you are already addicted, a simple temptation can easily push you back to the old habit. So, as much as you can, you should control yourself and stay away from simple triggers like if most of your friends are gambling, you can stay away for the time being or while you are still vulnerable. If your usual path in going home can pass by a casino, then you can choose another path. Simple things like that can help you little by little. 
  4. Delay your cravings to gamble as much as you can. Yes, gambling is not a necessity and is just one of your cravings. However, you cannot underestimate this as we usually act on our cravings and mind you, once you are addicted, the craving to gamble will be hard to ignore. As you are aware of this, you should find a way to postpone this until such time when the cravings will start to wear off. 
  5. You can also look for alternatives that can match your gambling cravings. Like for example if you like movies, then you can check what is showing or maybe you can ask your friends to check the malls and so on. The bottom line is you should come up with something that is as interesting for you. 
  6. Before you hit the table again, consider all the negative situations that might come of it. Like for example if you consider the fact that you might not be able to free yourself from this addiction or what if you will lose again? Or what if someone dear to you will discover you have been gambling and will be disappointed. You should try to knock off some sense into your brain so that it will not urge you to do this bad habit again. When it comes to gambling, you will easily find a lot of negative results, so this should not be hard to consider. 

And if your husband happens to be a gambler or your son may be, no matter how much you tell him that such habit is definitely detrimental to his future or is just a big waste to his daily routines or his studies, still, you can’t easily detach him from such practice for that is already a part of his habit, you should just suggest an online casino Singapore.

Note that once a person is addicted to something, it will really take time before they can quit that. It will be like he is blinded of it’s the damaging effects on his life.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to supervise your son even while gambling if you will encourage him that if he can’t really stop his gambling sessions, then might as well do it online so that there will be no need for him to stay very late at night. But of course, if you can help it, even if your son is already in the right age to be independent, gambling is still not good for all ages thus constant reminders might do him good. 

Who knows maybe one of these days, he might realize that you only meant well. But anyway, when it comes to choosing a reliable company where he can play, he must see to it that his choice of an online casino is the kind of casino that can really protect his interest. A company that can give him the fair game will secure his account, for a deposit of a certain amount is required in some companies though there are also some that do not require this procedure and the kind of company that can compete with the others in terms of payouts and bonuses. And that’s:

He should be very careful in choosing an online gambling company since he will be joining an anonymous world, everything must be in black and white. He must understand everything that is going on that concerns him.

Yes, you can try everything not to get addicted to gambling or help a family member break off this bad habit. Nevertheless, while you are still not getting the right result, it would be better if your gambling will be done online to be safe, especially at night time.