Human Resource Management: Everything You Need To Know About The Course

April 11, 2021 - 3 minutes read

The Human Resources Management (HR) course combines important characteristics for those who see college as a means of improving their lives. It is a college with good remuneration and employability, in addition to allowing a quick entry into the job market, due to the shorter training period required by the Technologist .

An HR degree is also ideal for working with people. Today, the sector’s activities are no longer just bureaucratic and are increasingly guided by the development of employees, as well as the creation of a positive work environment. Are you interested in these matters?

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What will you study at the Faculty of Human Resource Management?

Human Resources Management takes care of the internal management services of the relationship between the organization and the people who live in its work environment. Today it is an area with excellent employability, due to the relevance of employees to carry out business plans.

Taking this faculty makes it possible not only to assume the position of HR manager, but also the functions of analyst. That is, within HR, Widad have numerous specialties, which may become your area of ​​expertise in the future. Thus, the graduation is broader than the name suggests at first sight.

Personnel Department Management

The first area of ​​activity and study is the management of the personnel department, which consists of taking care of the most operational services in the sector: making internal budgets, managing the payroll, documenting important events, signing or terminating employment contracts, among others. other activities.

Training and Development of People

The professional can also work with the identification of which competencies a position or, even, the company as a whole needs. From then on, they use activities related to education to improve the skills of the company’s employees, according to the positions they occupy.

In college, there are specific disciplines for training and people development, which combine knowledge of Management, Psychology and Pedagogy.

Recruitment and Selection of People

In turn, recruitment activities consist of processes to attract qualified candidates to the company. Subsequently, the professionals such as kursus entrepreneur are classified from the most apt to the least apt, in the so-called selection of people. After all, everyone wants to make the best hiring, don’t they?

The vacancies you see available on job sites or on LinkedIn are the result of the recruitment process. The dreaded job interviews are selection techniques. In college, you need to learn these and other practices, such as screening curricula, describing vacancies, applying tests and exams and creating group dynamics.

Management of Benefits and Discipline Activities

Human Resources Management usually takes care of the behavior reinforcement system, rewarding desired actions. Thus, the professional studies how to plan and structure benefits, health insurance, salary, food stamps, bonuses, promotions, etc. Likewise, he learns career plans, which define how the person’s growth will be in the company.

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