Property Investment Solutions Now With Bandar Kinrara Puchong property for rent

March 12, 2021 - 3 minutes read

A significant difference between houses and apartments is that houses often have gardens, where apartments more often have outdoor areas in the form of balconies or common courtyard environments. If you want to avoid gardening, an apartment is a good buy, while nature lovers should choose a house. Another advantage of houses is that you can to a much greater extent renovate and change a house. In apartments, you can primarily remove and erect walls in the already existing rooms, while in a house you can build an extra floor or extensions. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, a house might be right for you.

However, there can also be certain disadvantages to buying a home. For example, you do not know how the previous owner has maintained the home, how old the water pipes are, whether the drainage is in order and when the electrical system was last inspected and updated. This goes perfect with the Bandar Kinrara Puchong property for rent or even somewhere in Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur.

Build a new house

If you want to choose for yourself how your house should look and be decorated, you can have a new house built. When you order a newly built house, you usually get the opportunity to choose between different type houses, and choose the number of rooms, materials and the like. By buying and building a new house, you get the ultimate freedom to design your dream home yourself.

Drop the dorm room and buy an apartment

In recent years, it has become much cheaper to buy an apartment. Conversely, it has not become cheaper to stay in a dorm room.

You can get a lot of apartment for 1 million, even in Copenhagen, and you can also find apartments for 6-700,000, so ask yourself: Do you want to live on 15 m2, share a kitchen with 10 others and have no privacy, or will you have your own apartment that is twice as big?

And what if I then say that most of the money you pay for your own apartment is saved up in the form of deductibles, while the money you pay for a dorm room is just money out the window?

It should not be a difficult calculation. Still, dorm rooms are hugely popular for some reason. Consider whether you would rather not give yourself a good financial start in adulthood and start owning instead of renting.

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