What Courses You Should Take In University

April 7, 2021 - 4 minutes read

High school students have always been anxious when they reach the age of 16 or 17, especially Malaysian students. During this age, most students are expected to have and to know what they want to do in the future world. This adds up to the existing pressure as many of them have no specific and confirmed interest in the field they wish to further their studies in. 

Due to this usual occurrence that may always happen to the young high schoolers, there are many career and university fairs that will take place in midst of December or after SPM. this is to encourage the students to look forward to what the future holds. Also, the fairs are there to educate the students regarding the detailed courses of what they are interested in. There are many things and courses that you can venture into for your university studies that can develop your enjoyment into a profiting career. 

Website Designing

Website designing is one of the most sought-after courses in university these days. This is due to everything has been digitized and web designing is a booming career where you can practice your theoretical knowledge in some practical activities. Many new website developers malaysia are growing as a lot of things require their services. For instance, businesses that need to have their website polished, even universities and many organizations. This is definitely one of the few courses that are worth enrolling in. 


As we are living in a worsening pandemic that knows no end to when it will recover and be cured, enrolling in the medical field is a good move for SPM leavers. More and more medications are to be created and are in the process of discovery due to the arising diseases all around. As students who will pursue your studies in this field, you can absolutely be a part of the world’s history of finding one of the cures for diseases. As they are in need of many volunteers to do this job, being a future medical student will give you a ton of job opportunities. 

Language Studies

In the world we live in where histories are almost forgotten, the only way to keep things afloat and the history of the country alive are by preserving the language. Languages are the main and primary proof of a particular civilization has ever existed. Being a polyglot will get you so far in this age where people are searching for teachers and educators of the dead languages to revive the cultures and traditions. You can be a part of the journey of finding back the lost traditions years ago with learning languages. 

There are actually so many more interesting and enjoyable courses that you can enroll in for your 3 to 4 years of bachelor’s degree studies. Getting to further your studies in the field you are most interested in will let you shine and mold your personality and talent in further ends. After all, it all starts with you changing your fate. 

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