What Each Paint Colour Represents

March 6, 2021 - 4 minutes read

Choosing the right colour for your home is an integral part of home purchasing. Every one of us has an idea of what the colour of our home should be. Though many people do prefer very light colours whilst there are others who would prefer a darker tint of paints to be laid on their home. There could be a factor of preference, the time of day they work in as well as many other factors influencing the decisions of their actions. Homeowners are also very picky about their colours as some colours represent an omen of some sort whilst others pick the colour of their choice depending on the luck. To get you a better understanding of colours, we’ve prepared a list of what each colour represents.


Blue is the colour of the sea, sky and everything we think is pretty. Blue is the colour of coolness and calmness which is why we feel calm when we look at the sea and sky. Blue also represents loyalty and being level-headed. Homeowners who pick this colour have an affinity of wanting to be calm and collected. The colour blue is a suitable colour to go anywhere except the outside. A light blue exterior is not a preferred colour of choice but it is the best pick for indoors. Anyone would like to have a light pastel blue bedroom in which they feel relaxed when they sleep in.


Just like the emojis in your phone, yellow symbolises positivity and expression. Yellow is a bright colour which makes it one of the most unpreferred colours in the home colour charts. Yellow is a tough colour to pull and it’s a colour used in many offices but not homes. It’s a very bold colour and the colour does make a statement. Yellow is also a colour that represents the modern world and the colour a sun-like feel to spaces. You know the morning sun that’s bright and yellow? That one. It keeps people more alert and it makes them feel refreshed.


Green is the colour of nature. Go to forests and you’re surrounded by acres of green trees and footpaths. That’s what it means to have a green home. It’s calm. It’s relaxing and everything a homeowner would like it to be. Green also means happiness and harmony, like the peace sign that symbolises peace. Nature itself is symbolised in the green colour and many enjoy painting their homes in a pastel green which has a soft undertone.  Lime green brings a zap of energy just like the sourness of limes.


Silver / Grey is a colour that represents the modern time or prosperity. The silver colour is like the silverware of those who use it. The colour itself appears edgy to many people and it’s a very motivating colour. The colour is also a statement piece and is a sign to stay neutral. The colour grey and silver is also a colour that represents loyalty like the knights in the medieval times.

Now that we’ve shared with you the colours and the meanings that come with it, we hope you learn about them. If you’re still confused, you can visit a top interior design company in Malaysia to get your home sorted. Good Luck!

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